ISCO and JW Marriott guarantee jobs for high school graduates

ISCO and JW Marriott Jakarta guarantee jobs for the children they help graduate from high school

May 21 Event

Read Our Story on May 21st

ISCO, the street children’s organization that is active in bringing education to over 2,000 disadvantaged children in Indonesia, is guaranteeing a job for any ISCO sponsored child who graduates from senior high school. 

In collaboration with JW Marriott Jakarta, every Wednesday evening ISCO sponsors a social gathering in the Blü Martini, the objective being to identify job openings for ISCO supported children who are about to graduate. ISCO has already found almost fifty jobs for them, thanks to offers from the many people who attend this popular weekly social gathering.

Next Wednesday May 21st, ISCO will hold a special event designed to boost awareness of its activities, especially the formal launch of the Jobs for Graduates program. At the event ISCO will also present a new book, posters and photographs that people can buy and enjoy, sales revenue going directly to support ISCO children. 

ISCO’s Founder and Vice President, Josef Fuchs, says “the biggest challenge for children going through high school is to resist the pressure to stop studying and work instead.  Our commitment to provide entry level jobs is a great motivator to keep them in school.”

Keeping children in school gives them a real chance to realise their true potential, which in turn means contributing positively to society as a whole. ISCO also encourages students to continue on to university.

“This year we support eleven students in university. Soon we will need to help them find jobs.” said Meriah Tinambunan, ISCO’s Executive Director.

ISCO’s work in bringing education to marginalised children and its “Jobs for Graduates” program is actively supported by JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. Karan Berry, JW Marriott Jakarta’s General Manager, adds, “We are actively involved in similar programs in India. We see how vitally important education is to give children the means to escape poverty and fragility of life on the edge. ISCO’s work complements Marriott’s own ‘Spirit to Serve’ community program, so we are doubly delighted to support ISCO here in Indonesia.”

Christa Qonaah, ISCO’s Communications Officer, said “Most of our donations come from corporate sponsors. The new material shows people what we see when tutoring the children. Now more people can help the children by buying a book, poster or photograph.”

Entrance to the May 21 event is free. It is a great place to meet people and network. Everyone is invited, so do come.

Event Details
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 from 7pm onwards
BlÜ Martini Lobby level, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Kav. E 1.2 No. 1 & 2, Mega Kuningan


About equalchance
ISCO Foundation (known as Yayasan ISCO in Indonesian) is a non-government organization, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, dedicated to improve the quality of life of street children through education.

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