ISCO is on TV!

Last night Josef Fuchs, Vice-President and Co-Founder of ISCO Foundation, was invited to talk about youth empowerment through education, live on Indovision’s MNC Business Channel.

Now in its fourth year and established as Indonesia’s premier business channel, MNC Business is broadcast live to three countries – Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Its programs are re-screened two more times during the week.

In an hour long interview Josef talked in depth with MNC producer Erwin Surya Brata about the issues, challenges and opportunities for advancing children’s education in Indonesia. “Children are our future, after all. Every country must invest in education to guarantee a better future.” said Josef.

Josef and Erwin talked about how the long experience in Austria with vocational schools has helped businesses grow productively there, and the opportunities to extend the same concept in Indonesia. “I hope Indonesian businesses in particular support our work, as this not only helps children but helps them too”, said Josef.

The discussion concluded with the need to think beyond Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan, and to focus on developing education and business development in the provinces, as this is the long term solution to reducing large scale migration to these cities, and the poverty created in consequence.

Erwin Brata probably summarized ISCO’s purpose best when he said it is all about ‘taking children from poverty into opportunity’.


About equalchance
ISCO Foundation (known as Yayasan ISCO in Indonesian) is a non-government organization, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, dedicated to improve the quality of life of street children through education.

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