Children Activity Centres

ISCO realizes that in order to achieve its goals, providing formal schooling alone for these marginalized children, many of whose parents have not had much schooling, is not adequate. Reinforcement in the areas of personal development, living values, creativity and leadership is required.

For this reason, ISCO set up a Children Activity House in each neighborhood where it operates. Children are able to visit these Activity Houses after school to do interesting and educational activities, instead of going to the streets or being forced to work by their parents.

ISCO provides tutors, educational materials, arts and crafts activities, as well as remedial classes for children who have difficulties in certain school subjects.

To assist the tutors, ISCO provides guidelines or activity modules that will help the tutors or volunteers in involving the children with educational activities.
The modules consist of six broad areas that give emphasis on the following skills:

  • Logical / rational / mathematical skill
  • Social skill
  • Language skill
  • Science or exploration skill
  • Arts and craft skill
  • Moral and living values

The children are grouped into their age groups and spend about 1 -2 hours a day in the Activity House. ISCO also maintains attendance record at the Activity House for the children.
A sample of the attendance record for ISCO’s sponsored children for the period of 2009-2010 in 5 areas is as follows:



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