Children Protection and Right Advocacy

Children Protection Program

The Children Protection Program is an important extension to the Health & Nutrition service, which was introduced in 2003 as indications of child abuse and domestic violence became more apparent.

ISCO provides full protection for children facing domestic violence, or parental negligence, whenever the case arises.

Now, ISCO is still using the Activity House as a temporary shelter house for children whose need protection. However, should the number of cases increase, ISCO will definitely look for a permanent type of shelter house to provide the service.

Children Right Advocacy

Education Right

ISCO strives to do the outmost to obtain good and cheap education for the children, not only for the children sponsored by ISCO, but also for all marginal children.

To do this, ISCO makes sure that the school authorities conduct a non-discriminative policy to these children, a transparent budget allocation, and goodwill to help the needy families. In some areas, ISCO’s Project Officers sit in the School Committee in order to have a direct involvement for Children Education Right Advocacy.

ISCO also works together with other NGOs in the forum entitled “center for betterment of education” to join hands together in giving inputs and building communication channel with the government via the Department of Education.

ISCO is also involved with various networking activities with other NGOs focusing on child welfare, child labor, and child trafficking. This network system is very important in building the way for ISCO’s future.



2 Responses to Children Protection and Right Advocacy

  1. THITA says:

    dear isco….

    saya mau gabung dong…apalagi bisa buat hal yang sama untuk daerah saya tangerang..belum ada cabang kan disana??? kota kami juga punya masalah yang sama dengan anak-anak jalanan. khususnya yang tinggal di sepanjang rel kereta, bantaran sampah dan bantaran kali cisadane…

    saya sangat tertarik untuk hal-hal yg berkenaan dg anak…please, sy ingin ikut membantu. call me at 08568124652

  2. equalchance says:

    Dear Mbak Thita,

    We thank you for your kind intention to be a involved in ISCO Foundation, an independent and non-government organization. First of all, we want to explain in brief about ISCO Foundation.

    ISCO Foundation (known as Yayasan ISCO in Bahasa Indonesia) is an independent a non-government organization, established in 1999 in response to the devastating social impact resulting from the economic and monetary crisis that occurred in Indonesia in the late 1990’s and dedicated to improve the quality of life of street children through education. For hundreds of Indonesia’s poorest children, ISCO is the reason that they can go to school, have an equal chance in life and dare to have dreams for their future.

    ISCO began helping children in the areas of Kampung Jembatan (Cipinang Besar Selatan/East Jakarta) and Manggarai (South Jakarta), where children were forced to work on the streets, and often dropped out of school because their parents could not afford the fees and other expenses.

    Through a network of field teams located in some of the worst affected neighbourhoods of Indonesia’s cities, the organization strives to help marginal communities, those who live in poverty, and those who are suffering most deeply due to the ongoing crisis.

    ISCO’s particular focus is on the children of these families, who face serious obstacles in their struggle to achieve the productive futures that are accepted as normal by most middle class families. ISCO believes that all children deserve the chance to achieve their maximum potentials as productive, responsible and caring citizens and leaders of Indonesia.

    Until now, we have 17 sponsored slummy areas in Jakarta ( West, East, North and South Jakarta). At those areas, we have the children activity center or in Indonesia is called Sanggar Kegiatan Anak (SKA).

    The functions of this center are:
    1. Strengthening school lessons for children (tutoring)
    2. Skills and arts for talent search of children
    3. Instilling the value of life, which is rarely touched by the approach of the school and parents
    4. Balancing nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

    Children Activities in Sanggar:
    1. Our activities are conducted from Monday to Saturday at 08.00s / d 16:00 (except Saturday, activity is held until at 12.00)
    2. Children of our current assistance from the age of 6 years to 16 years (kindergarten until high school grade 3) they came to the center in order to each day alternating schedule.
    3. Activities above (center functions or points 1- 4) are done every day in accordance with the subject specified.

    How to become a volunteer?

    If you are interested to be a volunteer at ISCO Foundation, you can do the followings:
    1. Spending time one day as scheduled in Children Activities
    2. Determining the subject who controlled that can be shared to children in accordance with the ability of the person, and the level of assisting our children (can be skill, English language, and school lessons)
    3. Making a commitment to volunteer time (e.g for 3 months, 1 time a week or according to the ability of the person).

    One day, we also want to expand our areas. Tangerang is one of our consideration. If you want to ask further info, do not hesitate to contact our office at 021 7222008. Thanks.



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