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Education problems is one of the government problems so why would ISCO need donations to fund the school fees for marginal kids?

In the third world countries like Indonesia, even public school isn’t free like in advanced countries. To go to schools even to public ones, need cost since it isn’t free even for low income people in Indonesia. That’s why ISCO need donators to give us donations to support these marginal kids education to build a better generation in long term.

Why ISCO only want to sponsor new kindergarten kids and not take other school age kids in middle of school age?

Not like any other programs who helps with educational low income kids, ISCO commit to continuously to sponsor kids from beginning of kindergarten until they finish high school. Therefore, ISCO aims since kindergarten ages to build awareness in their parents mind about how important education for getting a better life. ISCO scholarship program aims on continual basis since kindergarten until high school to prevent these kids from kindergarten to become street children in the futures and also in long term reducing of uneducated people in long term.

Does ISCO affiliated with any political or religious organization?

ISCO isn’t affiliated to either political or any religious organization. We aim only on preventing kids from low income families to become street children or child labors and in long term goal we want to reduce the number of street children and built awareness to marginal families about how important education is for these kids.


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